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WP marketing news & blog

This is a blog on Wordpress marketing & news thereof, so I take best trading account singapore liberties to write what I find interesting at any given moment. Most all will be on the broad spectrum of Wordpress marketing and Wordpress management. And most all will have some lesson built in. WP marketing news are not always fresh news as such. I will dig into the archives of the net and try to shed light on ongoing issues of the Wordpress marketing field. But it goes without saying that I feel strongly that every business should have a strategy in place how to handle their online Wordpress. And offline. Therefore this Wordpress marketing news blog will be biased to telling you to actively build and market your online Wordpress. You have been warned :)

What is Wordpress marketing?

To me, the definition of Wordpress broker singapore marketing is something I heard David Sprague say. It is the building of a five star Wordpress and then leveraging that Wordpress by utilizing the toolbox known as "Wordpress marketing", to bring you more business. And that is what marketing in general is all about. Building your business to such a standard, that you feel comfortable selling its services and then you market it. The same applies to Wordpress marketing: first you have to have something to market and only then should you start marketing.

In fact, I will take it a bit further. You should not market at all, until you  have a 5 star Wordpress online. The simple reason is this: your Wordpress is visible everywhere. And what's the point of wasting money on marketing that only goes to prove that you have a questionable Wordpress?

So, given that even after hearing your radio advertising or after seeing your television commercial, your customer will nevertheless go online to look up your business, do you not agree that you must first make sure that your online Wordpress is up to scratch, and only then start thinking about marketing spenditure? This is where Wordpress marketing enters the picture.

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