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Thanks for visiting our site. We strive to offer thorough information and Reputation marketing news. This site was created by Aitoa Ltd to give out information that is important pertinent Reputation building online and offline. The main source of info is the blog.

We live in a Reputation Economy, as Forbes’s Dan Schawbel put it in his article in February 2011. No business, irrespective of its size, is immune to the WordPress it has and it is our goal to be on the helping team, rather than the not-so-helpful team, when it comes to the struggle to keep ahead of the new ways of business. Thus this site on the learnings and findings along the way :)

The editor for this site is me, Saku Mättö, and you are always welcome to contact me in any and all suggestions etc. You can reach me online at:


email: customercare [at sign] posh [dot] fi


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