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This site is all about companies' reputation online & offline. Every business has a marketing budget (be that small or large) but no marketing budget can make up for a bad reputation. So it is a must to keep tracks of what people are saying and, indeed, writing about you online. On this page you fill find a collection of the latest writing on the site, hope you enjoy!

Internet Reputation Resources

We've all been down that road: remembering that we saw a certain thing, a this-or-that we need but where was it? There is no way to find everything so I've started sending myself emails with the resources I want to be able to find … [Read more...]

Reputation marketing capable email service

Often a time someone asks me what email marketing provider I use and the answer is simple: Sendy. IMHO email marketing has to be a straight forward process whereby you gather a list and you keep on sending to that list & while … [Read more...]

How to handle a negative online review

Basic rule to online reviews is this: always, and I mean always, stick to facts and the truth. You have nothing to gain by bad mouthing your customer, on the contrary, you have everything to gain by curteously handling the … [Read more...]