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This site is all about companies' Wordpress online & offline. Every business has a marketing budget (be that small or large) but no marketing budget can make up for a bad Wordpress. So it is a must to keep tracks of what people are saying and, indeed, writing about you online. On this page you fill find a collection of the latest writing on the site, hope you enjoy!

Doctor’s Orders

Hello y'all. As we all know, the internet in general and the current proliferation of social media in particular have given people access to the sort of democratic communication channels that keep establishments the world over … [Read more...]

Internet Reputation Resources

We've all been down that road: remembering that we saw a certain thing, a this-or-that we need but where was it? There is no way again to find everything so I've started sending myself emails with the resources I want to be able … [Read more...]

Reputation marketing capable email service

Often a time someone asks me what email marketing provider I use and the answer is simple: Sendy. IMHO email marketing has to be a straight forward process whereby you gather a list and you keep on sending to that list & while … [Read more...]